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Zumba is an exercise fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Pérez during the 1990s. Zumba is a trademark owned by Zumba Fitness, LLC. The Brazilian pop singer Claudia Leitte has become the international ambassador to Zumba Fitness.

Sonali mentioned, "Zumba Fitness is pathetic, They are just selling their product not providing any kinda services. When I took the package of this training so why they discarded all the benefits of the same. I used my credit card as a payment mode and doing renewal on time since june'19, This time I lost my card and unable to update my membership, so there I got to know they are just having money. Why? Let me tell u.. I think I paid from last long year so it means I can use the content and songs and videos till the date up I paid for. Right. But unfortunately a big noo u can't use even for those you have already paid and even you can't download the previous training certificates as well from the app. until you will renew the package, it means all the money you invested goes worthless as you even can't download this on the line. They are just hallucinate customers to buy their package nothing else. They should need to work on their services and retain their customers. Thanks hope you all understand."


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Current Employee - Zumba Fitness Instructor says

"IT'S A TRAP! STAY AWAY! This is a multilevel marketing scam where you are promised you will make money from the start but the fact is it will take alot for you to get there. Apart from the training cost, the zin membership is a double whammy because you will almost never recover or takes years to recover your sunken cost even if you market yourself well. These ZES will never tell you that they also get a cut from you signing up for Zin at the training itself and dangle the carrot of your first class CD, you can practice all the choreo even if you dont start teaching. The B1 license is only valid for 6 months but it is not mentioned anywhere that you wont be able to teach in those six months without Zin membership to access the songs and choreography. I fell for this scam of taking up the training but due to Covid I did not sign up for Zin. You can never unsubscribe to Zin apart from putting your status on inactive post which you will have to subscribe again. Zumba can be never be your mainstream income, it can only be a side hustle and that too when Covid gone, getting clients for virtual trainings is a struggle and trainers charge 100(less known) to 300( well known) per session. The more you are known from before better are your chances in succeeding, if you are newbie starting out virtually I wish you the best and that's the maximum that your ZES trainer can do for you. They will never set you up for success instead will milk you at the training to get zin membership from you."

Current Freelancer - Zumba Instructor says

"The company makes it near impossible to cancel your autopay with them. I went to the training and paid over $200 for the day. They pushed for us to join the ZIN program, but never mentioned that it will lock you into a monthly payment and there is no way to get out of that payment. I tried to cancel 2 months ago because I was starting a yoga studio and wanted to focus on that, but they told me I could choose to be put on a "hold" for $8 a month. I consented at the time. I then realized after a few months that teaching Zumba was going to be too much for me at this point in time. I called again to try to cancel and they told me that I cannot cancel now and that I am locked in to the program for 6 months. I do not like this feeling and I would never do this as a yoga studio. I understand having to give a month's notice or something like that, but they are just making it impossible for me to cancel. I even called them two months ago when my credit card expired to give them my updated information. I wish I would have never done that now. They said they will contact me again in 2 business days to tell me if I can cancel or not. I would have joined again and taught Zumba in the next couple years or so, but after this experience, I will not. I do not agree with this type of business strategy. Zumba should be fun and something you feel free to do when the time is right for you. You shouldn't feel locked in to it like this. They really don't care about my situation whatsoever. They only care about the fact that they're losing my money."

Current Employee - Zumba Instructor says

"So sorry to hear that. Your billing comments were passed along to Customer Care and Technology. Have you checked out ZIN Now? Online content that you can access any time. Really cool stuff!"

Current Freelancer - Group Fitness Instructor says

"Once you're in their little monthly payment scheme, you won't get out; Hard to get through to speak to someone, so they wouldn't have to cancel your membership"

Current Freelancer - Instructor says

"-$47.54 CAD every month, + you’re expected to buy their overpriced clothing, attend jam sessions, masterclasses, ZES training, and ZIN Con. If you’re an average adult with a full time job, the amount of classes you’re able to teach (without burning out) will usually pay enough for you to break even at the end of every month. It seems that being a ZIN is best suited for stay at home moms, or women whose husbands pay for everything. - Zumba’s main income relies on their ZIN... not the class participants. So in a way your “employer” makes all their money off of you. If you express that you need to take a break for financial reasons, instead of understanding, they push you to stay and talk around your issue. Also using fear tactics that if you cancel and want to come back later, you’ll have to pay more. They convinced me to “freeze” my account, where you can’t use any part of your ZIN, but still pay them $12.30 CAD / month. Then set a date 4 months later to reactivate my account “for my convenience”, even though I told them I would call and re-activate when I was ready to come back. Once I noticed $47.54 missing for two months, I spoke to them and asked to still be frozen and get my money back as I was not using any of their services of products. They said that when they originally froze my account they told me the date it would be reactivated, so they cannot give me a a refund... pretty sure they could afford it - I on the other hand, cannot. - Lastly, you can meet some good people, but the competition and fakeness in most of the ZIN community is off putting. It’s very social media centric. My B2 instructor even said that he didn’t think you could be a successful ZIN without being very active on social media. So... you get this fun workout and feel mentally and physically well for an hour after... but everything outside of that fosters an unhealthy obsession with social media. Constructive Feedback: Be more real! Spread Beto’s original messages, and show it in your actions. Having some kind of official mentor/ ambassador program in every city might be helpful to keep people representing the brand well. Be more understanding of people who are not in a place, financially, mentally, or physically, to be a ZIN."

Department Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This place is a waste of your life. Everyone in management is family or friends so they have unqualified people in high positions who don’t know how to manage or speak to people. HR tells you they’re there for help you yet 1 year later you realize they didn’t document anything you ever complained about. No advancement because you aren’t family... it’s a waste of time and people who work there are so comfortable being stagnant they’re happy being completely below mediocre. If you want to go somewhere in life, work anywhere but here.Laid back cultureEverything else."

Zumba Instructor (Former Employee) says

"It takes a lot to make it as a Zumba instructor and is easy to over do it and get injured while having no benefits and no vacations. The corporation of Zumba in only interested in certifying thousands of teachers without giving them enough support.FunOver exercise can lead to stress"

instructora (Current Employee) says

"es divertido pero un poco cansado ademas que necesito mas apoyo economico pues me urge concluir mis estudioses trabajo propiono tengo seguro medico ni tampoco sueldo seguro"

zumba instructor (Former Employee) says

"Un métier qui permet de nous épanouir, mais qui malheureusement, ne permet pas d'en vivre uniquementrelations humaines"

Contract Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Fun place to work if you are into Fitness. Communication is an issue between the departments that work closely together. Management gives you important information at the last minute. Sweatpants are appropriate to wear to work."

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Good place to work if you are into Fitness. Management tells you information at the last minute. Communication is an issue within the company and departments that work closely together."

Staff Member (Former Employee) says

"It was a great place to work, for a time. Things got hard and they laid off a LOT of people. Made morale poor to a point it could not recover. Many people jumped-ship over the past 6-10 months, because of it. The company was once a vibrant, youthful, and energetic company with a lot to offer and a lot that could help others. It was transformed into a robotic, corporate, overworking, and unforgiving place to be. Instead of listening to the "worker bees" from time to time, they give managers all the say, and they take it to the wrong direction. If you ever plan on advancement, don't come here. You'll be stuck at the same place year after year. Executives are nice, friendly and down-to-earth. All three owners (The A's) are great guys and easy to talk to. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Most of the execs are nice people, but get misguided/misled by the management. Best part of my job was dealing with the people. Both internally and externally. Worst part was not being appreciated for my work.Quarterly team-building eventsInsurance coverage was poor."

Off the KoolAid says

"I joined Zumba because I enjoyed doing Zumba so much. I was hesitant to pay for dues that I didn’t think I was going to benefit from. In truth, many Zumba instructors make very little money from it. Gyms basically pay gas money. Since the coronavirus it is all pointless. Zumba was so relentless in taking there money despite me trying to pause and cancel the membership.I was billed 22 times in 12 days. At any point that money was available they were going to take it. Read the fine print and you will see the cancellation policy is very specific. You have to speak with someone to cancel but they just leave you on hold. I was never given the opportunity to speak with anyone. Basically means you can’t cancel. After being away from the hype I no longer saw what was so great about it. Literally, once I stopped drinking the kool aid I didn’t want anything to do with Zumba. They sent me emails telling me how much they will charge if I want to do Zumba and don’t pay the dues. It’s ridiculous!! I had fun doing Zumba but it was not worth the amount of money spent. I never made $1 doing Zumba. I regret ever getting tied up with this company. It all makes sense when your drinking the kool aid and your in the click. From the outside it looks different. Zumba is not about you making money for you. It’s about you paying money to them. "

Lena Polevoi says

"you can't cancel the subscription"

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